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Oklahoma State University

IEM 3503 (CRN 41312) - Engineering Economics Analysis (SU)

Prerequisite: MATH 2153. Development and use of time value of money interest formulas. Bases for comparison of alternatives, including present worth, annual worth, rate of return and payout period methods. Decision making among independent, dependent, capital-constrained and unequal-lived projects. Replacement, break-even and minimum cost analyses. Depreciation and depletion methods and their effect on corporate income taxes, leading to after-tax cash flow analysis.

Additional Information: 

Cross-listed with IEM 3513.

Textbook Information:
Fundamental of Engineering Economic Analysis
John White, Kellie S. Grasman, Kenneth E. Case, Kim LaScola Needy and David B. Pratt
1st Edition, 2013
ISBN:  978141118414705
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


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