How do I take quizes and exams?

The academic integrity of the distance learning component of University programs must be at the same high level as on-campus programs. To accomplish this, the faculty that oversees the distance learning program's exams requires proctors to meet certain qualifications.

NOTE: if you will be located within the continental US while enrolled, you must complete the DOMESTIC PROCTOR FORM. If you will NOT be located in the US while enrolled, you must submit the INTERNATIONAL PROCTOR FORM.

Domestic Proctor requirements:

  • Official testing center of any college/university/community college campus, business, or military base.
  • Librarian at a local library
  • Human Resource personnel of a qualified business.

International Proctor requirements:

ONLY an official university testing center or a verifiable Associate Professor may serve as a proctor. If the proctor is a professor, a written statement on the college's letterhead and signed by an official representative will be required, or must be verifiable through the university’s web site.

Co-workers, associates, friends, family members and neighbors are not acceptable proctors, regardless of their professional positions, or whether Domestic or International.

All proctors will be verified, and a company/business email will be required to send all quizzes and exams to. NO Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc. email accounts will be permitted.

Students on the OSU/Stillwater campus may use the University Testing Services located at the corner of Walnut and Admiral Ave., (405) 744-5958, or Independent Study testing center located in 309 Wes Watkins Center, (405) 744-6390. Testing fees may apply.

Students in the Tulsa area may use the OSU-Tulsa Testing Services located at 700 N. Greenwood Ave., North Hall 103, Tulsa, OK. For more information follow this link: OSU-Tulsa Testing Center.

Please return the appropriate completed Proctor Agreement form via email to, or fax (405)744-5033. If you have any questions, you can contact our office at (405) 744-5146.