How do I receive a Distance Education course?

For some courses, 2 delivery options are available:

Online Video Streaming (primary delivery method)
Students are able to view lectures online normally within 24 hours after the on-campus class has ended. Students access online lectures by logging on to Online Classroom (the method of access is dependant on how the course is set up). A broadband internet connection is required for viewing these lectures.

Compressed Video
Students are able to attend a live section of the course if they are located near a public site or work at a company that has a compatible classroom. The main advantage to attending classes at a compressed video site is that students are able to participate in class discussions and ask questions during class. Many sites will make back-up videotapes in case students miss a live lecture.

Occasionally Engineering Distance Education students are unable to view the lectures due to poor internet connections or limited access. If you desire to receive course lectures via CD-Rom, please contact the Distance Education office to discuss the possibility of receiving CD lectures.