Enrollment Guidelines:

NOTE: If you are enrolling in any of the Nuclear Engineering or Petroleum Engineering courses, contact the Distance Education office for enrollment instructions.

  1. Select which courses you want to enroll in by viewing our course options found on Engineering Distance Education’s website at: http://ceatde.okstate.edu/.
    Select the correct semester schedule of courses, and you will need to write down the course name, number, and CRN.
  2. To enroll in Distance Education's courses, you will enroll online through Student Self-Services: http://prodosu.okstate.edu/
    To log in, you will enter your O-Key username and password.
  3. Click on “Registration” found on the top of the page.
  4. Click on “Drop and Add Classes”
  5. Enter the CID numbers of the courses you wish to enroll in.
    To verify that you were enrolled properly:
    1. Click on “Registration” found at the top of the page.
    2. Click on “Detailed Schedule”. This screen will display the courses you are enrolled in immediately following enrollment.
  6. Order Books.
    Check the Textbook List (go to "Course Schedules" on our Home page, select the appropriate semester and select "Textbook List"), or textbooks are also listed on the individual course description pages. If no book information is available it will be added to the list when we receive the information from the professor.  Books may beordered from any outside source. NOTE: Your semester schedule in SIS will also list the textbooks required for your courses, with a direct link to the Campus Student Bookstore.
  7. A Proctor Agreement Form will need to be on file in order to take exams and/or quizzes.

For some courses, 2 delivery options are available:

Online Video Streaming (primary delivery method)
Students are able to view lectures online normally within 24 hours after the on-campus class has ended. Students access online lectures by logging on to Online Classroom (the method of access is dependant on how the course is set up). A broadband internet connection is required for viewing these lectures.

Compressed Video
Students are able to attend a live section of the course if they are located near a public site or work at a company that has a compatible classroom. The main advantage to attending classes at a compressed video site is that students are able to participate in class discussions and ask questions during class. Many sites will make back-up videotapes in case students miss a live lecture.

Occasionally Engineering Distance Education students are unable to view the lectures due to poor internet connections or limited access. If you desire to receive course lectures via CD-Rom, please contact the Distance Education office to discuss the possibility of receiving CD lectures.

Click here to view tuition information (effective Fall 2016).

M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. R. G. Ramakumar
Phone:  405-744-5157
Fax:  405-744-9198

M.S. in Engineering and Technology Management
Brenda Johnson
Phone:  405-744-2337
Fax:  405-744-1673

Electrical Engineering Technology Degree Completion Program
(Only available for students at OSU/OKC and Rose State College)
Ellis Nuckolls
Phone:  405-744-5716
Fax:  405-744-8516

M.S. in Industrial Engineering Management
Dr. William J. Kolarik
Phone: 405-744-6055
Fax: 405-744-4654

The academic integrity of the distance learning component of University programs must be at the same high level as on-campus programs. To accomplish this, the faculty that oversees the distance learning program's exams requires proctors to meet certain qualifications.

NOTE: if you will be located within the continental US while enrolled, you must complete the DOMESTIC PROCTOR FORM. If you will NOT be located in the US while enrolled, you must submit the INTERNATIONAL PROCTOR FORM.

Domestic Proctor requirements:

  • Official testing center of any college/university/community college campus, business, or military base.
  • Librarian at a local library
  • Human Resource personnel of a qualified business.

International Proctor requirements:

ONLY an official university testing center or a verifiable Associate Professor may serve as a proctor. If the proctor is a professor, a written statement on the college's letterhead and signed by an official representative will be required, or must be verifiable through the university’s web site.

Co-workers, associates, friends, family members and neighbors are not acceptable proctors, regardless of their professional positions, or whether Domestic or International.

All proctors will be verified, and a company/business email will be required to send all quizzes and exams to. NO Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc. email accounts will be permitted.

Students on the OSU/Stillwater campus may use the University Testing Services located at the corner of Walnut and Admiral Ave., (405) 744-5958, or Independent Study testing center located in 309 Wes Watkins Center, (405) 744-6390. Testing fees may apply.

Students in the Tulsa area may use the OSU-Tulsa Testing Services located at 700 N. Greenwood Ave., North Hall 103, Tulsa, OK. For more information follow this link: OSU-Tulsa Testing Center.

Please return the appropriate completed Proctor Agreement form via email to pam.moore@okstate.edu, or fax (405)744-5033. If you have any questions, you can contact our office at (405) 744-5146.

Phone: 405-744-5146

Fax: 405-744-5033

Mail: Oklahoma State University

Engineering Distance Education

101 Engineering North

Stillwater, OK 74078

You may e-mail homework to enhmwk@okstate.edu or fax it to Mo Wassell at 405-744-5033.

We have this account set up to receive homework and send back an automatic response. Some instructors prefer that you e-mail homework directly to them;  you will be informed if this is the case.

No, however you may check the status of your assignments on our Homework Log which is also located on our website. Please allow 24-hours for your homework to be recorded on this site.  Also, please make sure you put your name and the course name and number in the subject area.

Please number all pages that you are faxing, i.e. Pg 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, etc.; also, make sure you do not write within a 1/2 inch of all margins in order for your work to come through fully. And PLEASE make sure your name and the course information are on your papers.

OSU allows students to view their midterm and term grades on Student Information System (SIS).  Not all professors post midterm grades but all term grades are posted on SIS.

*NOTE: SIS does not contain individual assignment, test or quiz grades.*

Here are some steps to help guide you:

  • Go to http://prodosu.okstate.edu
  • Login using your Student ID/PIN or O-Key.
  • Go to "Student Records" on the navigation bar.
  • Click on "Grades".
  • Select the Term.
  • Click "Submit".

If you would like a printed copy of your grade report (transcript):

a)  You can log into SIS at http://prodosu.okstate.edu and view/print an unofficial transcript. Once you are logged into this system you can request that an official transcript be mailed to you.

b)  You can also go to http://www.okstate.edu/registrar/TranscriptRequest.html and follow the instructions there to request "the old fashioned way".  The transcript office usually makes a quick turn around on these requests (less than a week).

OSU has two systems for students to manage their personal information.  O-Key is actually a password management system that allows students to find their own official OSU username, redirect their OSU student email account and create a master password. Student Self-Services (aka SIS) is available to students to view their academic information, update personal contact information, view their bursar account balance, etc.  If you have not yet logged in to these systems we recommend that you try.  We have created a "cheat sheet" (doc) to help you keep a record of your OSU usernames and passwords. You may want to print it out before you start the login process. PLEASE be sure to store your CWID and password in a secure location to prevent unauthorized access.

Go to O-Key (http://okey.okstate.edu) first.  Follow the instructions on the login page for new users.  You will have to call the Help Desk for an activation code.  Their phone number is 405-744-4357 or 877-951-4836 or e-mail them at helpdesk@okstate.edu.

After you have successfully completed the O-Key process, then move to SIS. To login to SIS go to http://prodosu.okstate.edu. You have two options to login here. 1)  You can use the O-Key information that you just found in the O-Key system or 2)  you can use your Student ID# (SSN) and your birth date (MMDDYY) the first time you login.If you use the second method and it is the first time you have logged in you will get a message that says "Your PIN cannot equal your birth date, you must change it".  That message makes it sound like you have made a mistake,however, it is really telling you that you  need to change you PIN. There is a "Change Your PIN" button somewhere on that same page.  Once you have designated a new PIN you will need to logout and login again.

These systems seem a little confusing especially when you only have to use them a few times a year.  That is why it is a good idea to record your passwords and keep them in a safe place, the cheat sheet will help with that. The Distance Education office and program/departmental personnel do not have the access necessary to reset any of these systems.  If you have problems with the process, please let us know so we can direct you to the correct source of assistance.

You can visit the OSU email link here to set-up or change your account.

Please keep your SIS account updated with your current email address, etc. as this is the address used to communicate with you regarding tests, exams, graded papers, etc.